London Bochurim Rewarded for Hard Work

By Staff

This past weekend the Yeshiva Gedola Lubavitch of London experienced a historic trip to Ukraine, spending Shabbos in Dnieper, and visited many Chassidic historic places.

After many months of hard work, the bochurim participating in mivtza Torah where treated to a amazing experience, a trip to Ukraine.

The journey started with a visit to the Ohel of the Alter Rebbe in Haditch. On Shabbos the bochurim farbrenged with shliach Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzki while being hosted in the magnificent Menorah Center Hotel.

Next came the the ohel of the Mitteler Rebbe in Nyezhin followed by a visit to the resting place of the Holy Baal Shem Tov and a stay in Mezibuzh for a night.

The trip included visits to Anipoli, to the ohel of the Mezritcher Maggid as well as many other old Chassidishe towns. The experience was uplifting and inspiring, it enhanced the feeling towards toras hachasiddus and darkei hachassidus, while seeing where it all started.

While quick in nature and very tiring, one bochur told that the trip gave the bochurim a sense of belonging; they could see how it all began and now feel an even stronger connection to the Rabbeyim.

A special thanks goes towards the shluchim of Yeshiva Gedola 5779 for organizing this trip as well as Rabbi Refoel Rutman and Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzki of Dnieprepetrovsk for their accommodation and guidance.

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