Living Rent-Free in Hawaii

Rabbi Michoel Goldman’s ticket for the Bayis Raffle got his rent covered. This year, you could get the same.

A longtime fan of Likras Shabbos, Rabbi Michoel Goldman always bought a ticket for the Bayis Raffle. While he never actually thought he would win, he was satisfied with the fact that he was supporting the wonderful cause of Hafatzos Hamaayanos.

Likras Shabbos is a weekly publication that takes a deeper look into the Parsha. Filled with chassidic insights, chiddushim and practical applications, Likras Shabbos brings Chassidus into the lives and hearts of its tens of thousands of readers, worldwide.

Lo and behold, one year he was the lucky winner!

The half a year’s worth of rent really made a difference in his life and the 100 Sifrei Chassidus helped to fill his home and make it a true Bayis Malei Sefarim.

This can be you! You can win 6 months of rent or mortgage payments!

Buy your tickets today!!

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