Live: Writers to Debate Chassidus Translations

Live at 12 pm: In a weekly webcast, Rabbis Tzvi Freeman and Simcha Kanter will discuss fundamental questions and how to translate Chassidus into English.

By staff

In an ongoing webcast, Rabbi Tzvi Freeman will discuss fundamentals in Jewish thought through the lens of the Rebbe’s maamorim. The series will include fertile discussion of the fundamentals of Chassidus, the nature of the maamar, and the way we translate Chassidus.

This week, he will be joined by Rabbi Simcha Kanter, author of the “Simply Chassidus” maamorim series.

The session, titled “Diving Into G-d’s Personality,” will take place today at 12:00 p.m. ET.

To join, click here.

Or use Zoom ID 961-5833-0435 – Password 080217

Replay of the first class:

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