Live: Tour Tzfas As It Was in the Arizal’s Time

Photos: Mendy Kurant

Join Live at 2:00 PM ET: A program marking the yartzeit of the Arizal will feature a shiur Rabbi Nochum Grunwald and a tour of Tzfas by historian Yehuda Geberer, host of Jewish History Soundbites podcast.

Igud HaYeshivos has arranged a day of special programming In honor of the Yahrtzeit of the Arizal today on Hey Menachem Av.

At 2:00 pm, Rabbi Nochum Grunwald editor of Heichal HaBesht, will give a shiur on the Kabbala of the Arizal in the teachings of Chabad.

At 3:15 there will be a live broadcast from the Arizal’s kever in Tzfas.

At 3:30 pm, noted historian and tour guide Yehuda Geberer host of Jewish History Soundbites podcast, will give a presentation on the Life and Times of the Arizal.

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Photos: Mendy Kurant

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