Live: Shiur In Memory of Miriam Shmueli

Join Live at 8:00 PM ET: Part 3 of a new series of shiurim in memory of Miriam Shmueli a”h, will be taught tonight by Rabbi Kalmen Weinfeld.

A new series of shiurim, learning the kuntreisim the Rebbe distributed, is being launched in memory of Miriam Shmueli a”h.

“Our dear Miriam always had a desire to share with our community the possibility to learn and study the kuntreisim- booklets that the Rebbe distributed to each of us,” her family said.

The shiurim will be given in person for men by Rabbi Kalmen Weinfeld at Beis Eliezer Shul in Crown Heights. It will be streamed online as well.

The series will begin with “Kuntres Yud Beis – Yud Gimmel Tammuz” (Dibur hamaschil Asarah Sheyoshvim) given by the Rebbe on the 8th of Tammuz 1990, exactly 30 years ago.

In addition, there is a question guide to follow along with the shiur. There will be a raffle for a $100 gift card to be drawn on July 15th for those who email the answers of the attached infographic to [email protected] or fill it out on google docs:

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To download the ma’amar, click here.
To download the question guide info-graphic, click here

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