Live: The Inside Story of 770

Tune in at 4:00 PM: Join Rabbi Mendel Feller as he takes you through a virtual tour of 770. The tour will feature rare photos, take you through all the inner rooms, extensions, and stages of developments.

By reporter

In the month of Menachem Av 5700, Agudas Chasidei Chabad purchased 770 on behalf of the Frierdiker Rebbe. A month later, on Yud Tes Elul 5700, the Frierdiker Rebbe moved into 770, making it the new center of Chabad Lubavitch.

The Rebbe’s care for the structural integrity 770 is well known. Every single part of the building was important to the Rebbe, and the rebbe wanted that nothing should be changed from the way it was by the Frierdiker Rebbe.

Igud Hayeshivos has arranged a virtual tour of 770 with Rabbi Mendel Feller Shliach to S. Paul Minnesota. Rabbi Feller will show rare photos of the building and take you through all the inner rooms of 770 and through all the extensions and stages of developments.

The purpose of the tour is to give the viewer a real understanding of the building, and allow you to appreciate and visualize the stories you hear or read through an accurate description of the place where everything took place.

To join live via Zoom click here.
Password: 22620

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