Live: Tens of Thousands Gather for Siyum Hashas

By reporter

Close to 100,000 yidden are expected to gather at MetLife stadium on Wednesday to participate in the 13th Siyum HaShas event.

The celebration marks the completion of the daily study of one page of Gemara from the 2,711 set. The cycle takes about seven and a half years to finish.

An additional 18,000 people are expected at the event in Barclays center, located in downtown Brooklyn.

Known as the ‘Lubliner Rov,’ Rabbi Meir Shapiro, Rosh Yeshiva of Chachmei Lublin and founder of Daf Yomi was known to have a close friendship with the Frierdiker Rebbe. The Frierdiker Rebbe requested that the Rebbe should speak to him in learning. After a brief discussion he remarked “Lubavitcher Rebbe, you took a son-in-law a Gaon Olam.”

Sgt. Lawrence Peele a spokesman for the state police said “The New Jersey State Police along with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners will be on hand to ensure a safe and secure environment for all attendees, workers, and responders for the duration of the event.”

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