Live: Shiur on Hilchos Bais Habechira

Join live now: Following the Rebbe’s hora’a for the Three Weeks, four daily shiurim on Hilchos Beis Habechira will be broadcast every weekday evening.

Four Shiurim on Hilchos Bais Habchira are to be posted on the Association of Crown Heights Shuls YouTube channel.

The shiur by Rabbi Nachman Sanowicz will be broadcast live on Zoom. The other Shiurim by Rabbis Itzik Wolf, Mendy Yusevitz and Kalman Weinfeld will be recorded and posted later to the YouTube channel which can only have one live zoom at any given time.

Topic: Hilchos Beis Habchira by Rabbi Nachman Sanowicz
Time: 8:20 PM. This is a recurring meeting and will utilize the same link throughout the three weeks. Classes will take place nightly, Sunday – Thursday beginning Erev 17 Tammuz.

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Meeting ID: 825 2691 3992

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