Live: Rally and Social Distancing Mitzvah Tank Parade

Join Live: A virtual  Yud Alef Nissan rally for the children of Los Angeles will be followed by a Mitzvah Tank Parade while keeping the social distancing guidelines.

Boys and girls of all ages, join 🖥 KYY, Cheder Menachem, Bais Rebbe and Bais Chaya Mushka for a VIRTUAL RALLY with clips from international Tzivos Hashem Rally , the Special Connection Point program along side special LA programming.

When you join, please make sure your mic and video features are turned OFF.

🎙Listen to the orders from our General The Rebbe.

🎼 Sing the Rebbe’s Niggunim with superstars!

🎁 See the special birthday present of Tanya & Mishnayos Baal Peh from our LA moisdois to our Rebbe.

👂🏻Hear a story from our local Rabbi Zali Munitz . And join 12 Pessukim Rally run by RMD with our very own Los Angeles Kinderlach!

⌨Fill out Rally Worksheet: link below

🎁 Send in your worksheets to enter a special LA RAFFLE as well as the GLOBAL RAFFLE to win a prize

📱Take a pic and WhatsApp to +1 (347) 395-5149 to receive 5 extra 🎟 tickets into the Global Raffle.

Click here to join the rally.
Click here for more info and o fill out the form.

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