Live: Raising Emotionally and Spiritually Healthy Children

Join Live at 2:00 PM ET: The second panel in a chinuch series will discuss ‘Raising A Bas Chabad’, addressed by Mrs. Shterna Gruzman, Mrs. Rochel Chitrik, Mrs. Faigy Yuzewitz, and moderated by Mrs. Feige Slavaticki.

By reporter

Following the success of the ‘Raising a Tomim‘ panel, where educators from Chabad yeshivos discussed raising emotionally and spiritually healthy bochurim, a second panel will address raising healthy girls.

Titled ‘Raising a Bas Chabad’ the panel will take place on Wednesday, 22 Av, August 12th at 2 PM ET and will be streamed live on’s N’shei site. The panelists will discuss challenges and problems facing current-day girls and teenagers, and debate the best way to approach these issues.

On the panel will be Mrs. Shterna Gruzman of Vienna, Austria, Mrs. Rochel Chitrik of Tzfas, Eretz Yisroel, and Mrs. Faigy Yuzewitz of Crown Heights. Moderating the panel will be Mrs. Feige Slavaticki of Chicago, Illinois.

The panel is the second in the series, and a third panel is planned for next Monday, a continuation of the topic of raising health bochurim. Sponsorship is available for upcoming sessions.

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