Live Panel: Parades by the Rebbe

Tonight at 9 pm: In a historic first, A Chassidisher Derher will host a live panel of shluchim and activists who will share special memories and inside information about the parades.

In a historic first, the popular monthly A Chassidisher Derher magazine will host a live discussion about Lag B’Omer with the Rebbe.

Panelist will include:

  • Rabbi Sholom Ber Baumgarten – Brooklyn, NY
  • Rabbi Shimon Hecht – Park Slope, NY
  • Rabbi Moshe Katzman – Staten Island, NY
  • Rabbi Hillel Dovid Krinsky – Brooklyn, NY
  • Rabbi Alter Tenenbaum – Irvine, CA

The panel will be moderated by Rabbi Mendy Greenberg, Mat-Su Valley, Alaska

The live event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 20 Iyar, at 9:00 pm, EDT.

Zoom Meeting ID: 92772525878

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