Live: New Rambam Shiur with Rabbi Wolberg

Join Live at 2:45 PM ET: A new Rambam shiur for the Perek Echod track will begin today with Rabbi Moshe Wolberg, Rosh Yeshiva of Kfar Chabad.

New daily Rambam shiur will be beginning today for the 1 perek track with Rabbi Moshe Wolberg, Rosh Yeshiva of Kfar Chabad.

First shiur will be on Wednesday, and shiurim will continue weekly Sunday to Thursday.

7.45pm UK time
2:45pm EST

The shiur will be broadcast on Zoom, allowing everyone to join in with this noted and world renowned Maggid Shiur’s daily Rambam shiur for Anash of Manchester, UK

Zoom ID: 798-805-4608
Passcode: 770770

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