Live: Likkutei Sichos Siyum for Women

Join live at 3:00 PM EDT: The Siyum on Chelek Yud Beis of Likkutei Sichos will be addressed by Fraidy Yanover, Malki Janowski, Chana Sarah Danow, and Devorah Smith.

One of the best kept secrets of Project Likkutei Sichos is the many hundreds of women who are leading and participating in the learning. These are women just like you, with families, jobs, and all the other responsibilities of life, yet they are finding it doable to keep up with the project.

Join the siyum to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment and gain the inspiration to commit to learning the Rebbe’s Torah with the structured support of Project Likkutei Sichos.

The online siyum event will feature addresses by Mrs. Fraidy Yanover, Brooklyn, NY, Mrs. Malki Janowski, Coral Springs, FL, Mrs. Chana Sarah Danow, Leeds, England, and Mrs. Devorah Smith, Miami, FL.

Join via zoom

the women’s event on May 31st, Ches Sivan 3:00 PM EST

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