Live: Grand Siyum Harambam for Kids

Join live at 12:30 PM EDT: Thousands of children from across the globe will join together for a Grand Siyum Harambam hosted by Benny Friedman and Mitzvah Boulevard. You can be featured live as well!

Add your hachlata now on the form below!

A Grand Siyum Harambam – Unity Event is planned for Thursday afternoon, 17th of Tammuz – July 9th at 12:30 PM EDT. The program, geared for family attendance, will be streamed live on

Over 15 groups are participating in the siyum from day camps, overnight camps and schools across the country, besides for thousands expected on the live feed here on

Children can be featured live during the siyum! Simply fill out the hachlata form and you will be featured live during the event, as well as entered into a raffle for amazing prizes.

Last year, this event had over 10,000 participants engaged, bringing scores of camps and schools together, as well as children in individual households. In light of how important learning Rambam and Sefer Hamitzvos is to the Rebbe, and that its ultimate goal is to unite the community of learners, and in honor of the completion of the 39th cycle of Rambam, the organizers of the Siyum Harambam for kids in conjunction with Chitas for Kids decided to take this year’s Siyum to the next level. 

This year’s interactive event with thousands from across the globe set to participate, featuring a kid-friendly program hosted by Benny Friedman with a brand new episode of Mitzvah Boulevard produced specifically for this event.

The program will be highlighted by the unveiling of a brand new Daily Rambam Program for children and the introduction of the Daily Rambam mascots.

This project is being held under the umbrella of Tz’eirei Agudas Chabad.


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