Live: Limited Tisha B’Av at the Kosel

Photo: Shneur Mor Yosef

Photo: Shneur Mor Yosef

A limited crowd will gather at the Kosel tonight for Eicha and Kinos. Live broadcast will begin at 8:15 PM Israel time, 1:15 PM Eastern Time. Plus: Download a PDF of Eicha and Kinos.

Only 1,000 people will be permitted to daven at the Kosel on Tisha B’Av, the Kosel Heritage Foundation stated on Tuesday.

Each minyan will be limited to up to 20 people, each adhering to social distancing regulations, and the Kotel Plaza has enough room for 50 such minyanim.

The Kosel Heritage Foundation will be transmitting a special broadcast on the Kosel website on Wednesday night with Maariv, kriyas Megillas Eicha and the recitation of kinos.

To download a PDF of Eicha and Kinos click here.

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