New Number: Community-Wide Tehillim Call

Rescheduled With New Number: Join Live at 4:50 pm: The Badatz of Crown Heights requests that the Crown Heights community gather in unison for a live conference call for Tehillim, addressed by Harav Yosef Braun and Rabbi Yossi Hecht.

The Badatz of Crown Heights requests the community to unite for Tehillim at 4:50 pm as it is divided for the days of the week and to give tzedaka.

The call was rescheduled from its earlier time after the call-in number did not work.

Join a live conference call at 4:45 pm which will be addressed by Badatz of Crown Heights and Israel, Harav Yosef Braun and Rabbi Yossi Hecht. MC will be Rabbi Aron Ginsburg.

Update: New number 617-691-8374

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