Live: Navigating Pregnancy and Childbirth

Watch Live at 8:30 PM ET: will present its first of a two part series on “Before During and After,” with Mrs. Mushky Kotlarsky and Mrs. Rivky Boyarsky, RN.

In a two-part series by, Mrs. Mushky Kotlarsky and Rivky Boyarsky, RN will be going through the many details of halacha, hashkafa, practical and medical tips for navigating the special time of pregnancy and childbirth.

The class will include information relevant before pregnancy, so kallahs and newlyweds will benefit as much as a pregnant or post-partum mother seeking more information! 

Are you a mother of many children ka”h?  Discover things you never knew or forgot from your long-ago classes or simply refresh yourself!

Part 1 of “Before During and After” will take place on Wednesday 18 Sivan, June 10, 8:30 PM EDT at

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