Live: Beis Iyar Online Program

A special program marking Beis Iyar will be streamed live, featuring shiurim by renowned Magidei Shiur and the Ohel in Lubavitch.

An online full-day program for bochurim will mark Beis Iyar, the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash. The program is organized by Igud Yeshivos and is open to bochurim around the world.

To join the program:

1:00 pm: Overview of the chiddush of the Rebbe Maharash’s Torah with Rabbi Eli Leib Rubin: Click here.

3:00 pm: Live stream from the Ohel in Lubavitch

4:00 pm: It looks like a chicken, clucks like a chicken – But is it a chicken? A 140-year-old Machlokes and the Teshuva of the Rebbe Maharash – with Rabbi Nochum Shmaryohu Zajac

5:00 pm: The life story of the Rebbe Maharash with Rabbi Yossi Paltiel: Click here.

7:00 pm: Shiur in a ma’amar of the Rebbe Maharash with Rabbi Yossi Baitz

All shiurim can be accessed at or by dialing 1-929-281-6000.

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