Live: An Evening of Joy and Inspiration

Watch live at 9:30 EDT: A live Achdus farbrengen will take place in preparation for Shavuos with Rabbis Moshe Levin, Chay Amar, Yochanan Morozov, and Chaim Tzvi Groner.

Bring the joy and inspiration of Shavuos into your home with a live Achdus farbrengen in preparation for Shavuos. The farbrengen will take place tonight at 9:30 ET and 6:30 PT, for men and women.

The farbrengen is presented by Beis Betzalel Chabad on Pico. Speaker will include Rabbi Moshe Levin of Los Angeles, Rabbi Chay Amar of Golden Beach, FL, Rabbi Yochanan Morozov of Flatbush, NY, and Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner of Melbourne, Australia.

The farbrengen will feature a special musical performance by Chazzan Aryeh Leib Horowitz, and an address by Rabbi Shmuel Kravitsky a survivor of the Coronavirus.

Meeting ID: 309 428 9593
Password: 770

You can also join via YouTube at

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