Live: 3 Music Trucks to Drive Through Crown Heights

Watch Live Now: 3 music trucks, featuring Uncle Moishy, singer Mendy J and Fitche Benshimon, and Mitzvah Blvd, will be driving through Crown Heights on Tuesday, to cheer up the neighborhood during isolation and to salute the dedicated work of Hatzala.

Famed Jewish children’s entertainer Uncle Moishy will be coming to Crown Heights today to sing and cheer up all the Jewish boys and girls stuck in their homes.

He will be performing from a truck and will be driving through the streets of Crown Heights, uptown downtown all around the town, for two hours.

Another music truck featuring singer Mendy J and Fitche Benshimon will be driving around Crown Heights in the afternoon, and a third featuring Mitzvah Blvd characters.

The public is requested to please remain on your porches and use appropriate protection so as to keep with social distancing rules.

The concert is sponsored by the MASK organization in salute of dedicated work of Crown Heights Hatzalah during the pandemic.


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