Listen: Shwekey Sings Chabad

Yaakov Shwekey released “Those Were The Days 2” today. Listen to an exclusive preview of the Chabad track.

By: staff

Following the great success of “Those Were The Days 1”, Yaakov Shwekey launched today (Tuesday) a new album in the series.

The album contains over 50 hits from the past and beautiful classics in new arrangements.

The new album features a Chabad medley, an English medley, a medley of great songs by the superstar Avraham Fried, a medley of Israeli songs and a Kumzitz Yeshivesh medley.

The arrangements are by Rafi Greidi, Ravid Kashti, Avrumy Berko and Yehuda Galili. presents an exclusive taste of the Chabad track beginning with the niggun “V’ata Amarta”, a niggun whose words come from the parsha of this week – פרשת וישלח.

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Listen to the a sample of the full album here:

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