Lincoln Place Shul Celebrates Chai Elul

Many members, friends, and supporters came from close and far to participate at the traditional Chai Elul – end of the year Farbrengen.

Rabbi Meyer Shushan, the Shul’s Rov, explained at great length, with Chasidic stories and inspirational words, the innovation of Chasidus in general and Chabad Chasidus in particular, emphasizing the vital need of Avodas HaTefila.

The crowd was thrilled to attend a Siyum on the Likutei Amarim – Tanya, after four years of weekly in-depth shiurim, which coincided with the birthday of the Baal Hatanya.

The Farbrengen was sponsored by Shmuel Salfati, a close friend and supporter of the Shul.

The Lincoln Place Shul is a vibrant Shul in North Crown Heights, open for all, with Shiurim and programs for men, women, and children. To be informed of upcoming events [email protected]

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