Likutei Sichos Shiurim for Parshas Shelach

Watch: Following the siyum on Chelek Yud Beis, Project Likkutei Sichos weekly learning picks up steam with shiurim and resources on the next chelek.

By staff

This week’s sichos are Parshas Shelach in Chelek Yud Gimmel. Here are both sichos in new typeface:

Volume 13 Page 39-43 Shlach 1:

Volume 13 Page 44-50 Shlach 2:

Project Likutei Sichos provides additional resources including audio/video shiurim on multiple levels, summaries, slideshow, podcasts, source sheets, about the Sicha, and much more.

Resources for Shlach 1

Resources for Shlach 2

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Sicha 2

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