Learning Program Tailored for the Busy Man

By Anash.org staff

Finding time for learning every day can be a challenge. With busy schedules and hectic lives, many who would like to make Torah part of their lives find it difficult to remain consistent.

Enter the Toras Chaim program. Launched by Yagdil Torah, in partnership with Merkaz Halacha, Toras Chaim is tailored especially for those who have the desire to learn but need an extra push to keep them on track. Besides for the structure that the program gives, a monetary incentive is also offered.

The program was designed to make consistent learning easy and achievable. Each mesechta is divided in a way where 10 daf are learned each month. Participants take a test once a month which is divided into two sections: 1. Questions on the new material 2. Review questions on the previous month’s material. Based on the score in each section, participants can receive a stipend.

After two successful years, completing Mesechtos Brachos and Shabbos, the program will begin Maseches Eiruivin on Ches Cheshvan. Join now and complete the entire Eiruvin in less than a year!

Sign up at YagdilTorah.org/TorasChaim2, or call 347.223.5943

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