Learning Package Helps Prepare to Receive the Torah

In honor of Shavuos, Sichos in English have released a learning package with two texts that bring insight and dimension to the world-altering and purpose molding events of Matan Torah.

Are you wondering how to prepare yourself for receiving the Torah?

Have you been looking for learner-friendly resources to learn on Shabbos, erev Yom Tov?

Are you on the search for learning material to enhance your Shavuos?

With its readership’s queries in mind, Sichos in English presents the maamar Bachodesh Hashlishi in the acclaimed Lessons format and a reader-friendly Sichah: Two stories of Sinai. As elucidated by Chassidus, these texts bring insight and dimension to the world-altering and purpose molding events of Matan Torah aiding its studiers in preparing for this special Yom Tov.

The Maamar Bachodesh Hashlishi illuminates the preparation of the Jewish People for Matan Torah. While one might think that self-development is antithetical to achieving self-transcendence, this maamar highlights how the preparation for Matan Torah integrated both forms of avodah. A fine balance of transcendence fused with self-development creates the harmonic dose of bittul, complete subservience and shleimus.

The Sichah, Two Stories of Sinai, offers fascinating insight into the differences between both instances where the revelation at Sinai is recounted in Torah, in Parshas Yisro and Mishpatim. The Rebbe sheds light on the nuances in the pesukim through exploring the twofold theme of being given the Torah by Hashem and being receivers of the Torah. Understanding these two perspectives brings dimension and clarity to the Matan Torah story and invaluable messages in a person’s personal avodah.

In celebration of receiving the Torah, Sichos in English will also be running a sale of 40% off the highly-sought after volume of the Lesson series, Lessons in Derech Mitzvosecha from Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Sivan, May 31 through Wednesday, Tes Sivan, June 8.

Whether looking to learn something in the days leading up to Shavuos, on erev Shavuos, or on Shavuos itself, these learning resources, will heighten its learners’ appreciation, understanding, and preparedness for Shavuos– all through the Rebbe’s lens.

May we merit to celebrate receiving the Torah Chadosho with the coming of Mashiach now!

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