Large Crowd at Chicago Kinus Torah

By Staff

Chicago’s Anash Community gathered together today, Tuesday, as they have been doing for several decades, to join the kinus torah, as per the Rebbe’s directives. Local rabbonim and bochurim home for bein hazmanim, as well as special guests, were the featured speakers.

Special guest Rabbi Yisroel Labkowski; Rosh Yeshiva of Tomchei Tmimim-Chovevei Torah, addressed the Rebbe’s shitta on chatzitzah in the bigdei kehunah and tefillin.

Rabbi Boruch Hertz; Rabbi of Bnei Ruven and Rov of Anash in Chicago, discussed issues that may arise upon selling your chometz over the internet, without actually accepting the kinyan, as you would do when selling it in person to a Rov.

Rabbi Yakov Robinson; Co-Rabbi of Cong. Mikor HaChaim, Chicago addressed the prohibition of returning to Mitzrayim in our times, as well the topic of elevating the sparks of that country.

Rabbi Meir Shimon Moscowitz; Head Shliach of Illinois, drew on the Rebbe’s sicha of Parshas Tzav 5731/1971, and spoke about the obligation of learning Torah during chol hamoed. With work being prohibited and other heterim not to spend all day learning not relevant during chol hamoed, the only thing left to do is learning Torah day and night!

Rabbi Moshe E. Markowitz; Associate Rabbi of Bnei Ruven, addressed the topic of whether or not eating matzoh during the intermediate days of Pesach is an obligation or just a mitzvah.

Several Temimim also addressed the crowd. Dovid Weingrow, a talmid in Oholei Torah zal, spoke about consuming matzoh through swallowing only, and the issues that it involves. Yehuda Leib Stahl, a talmid in Yeshiva Gedola in Brunoy, France spoke about issuing piskei halochoh through ruach hakodesh; with Moshiach being a “morech vado’in” who will be able to discern all matters through ruach hakodesh. Chaim Dovid Hertz, a talmid in Yeshiva Gedola in Brunoy, France, also addressed the gathering. He addressed the topic of the halochoh regarding one who makes a hefsek of some sort during bedikas chometz.

The kinus torah is scheduled to continue tomorrow, Wednesday.

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