Lag Baomer in Crown Heights

The hilula of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is an auspicious day with unique kochos. Several events taking place across Crown Heights will help you utilize the day.

Unity Bonfire: On Wednesday night at 8:00 pm, all in the Crown Heights community are invited to 600 Kingston Ave. (between Rutland and Winthrop) for an outdoor celebration in honor of the hilula of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai. The event is sponsored by Anash of Crown Heights and Irgun Simchas HaRashbi and will include a grand bonfire lighting, live music, dancing and refreshments. Separate areas will be designated for men and women.

Children’s March and Rally: On Thursday morning at 9:50 am, Crown Heights schools will participate in a Lag Baomer March down Troy Avenue. Each school will start at a different location, with all schools joining together at the football field between Rutland and Maple for a special Tzivos Hashem rally.

Buses to the Ohel: Busing will be available to and from the Ohel all day on Thursday, with multiple coach buses leaving every half hour from 770. Men, women and children are invited to utilize this service beginning at 8 am and ending at 9 pm for a round trip cost of $2. This project, made possible through the generosity of Yossi and Nechama Dina Katz and family, is organized by Beis Shmuel and Menachem Benchemon of

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