KSCVK to Daven for Shidduchim

Lag Baomer is a tremendously auspicious day. By the Rebbeim many miracles came specifically from brochos on Lag Baomer.

Over four years ago an idea was born. For a nominal donation of $100 per name, Devorah Benjamin of KSCVK took your name, or the name of your child, friend, or relative, and davened at the Ohel for a shidduch.

As in previous years, Devorah will be visiting the Ohel to daven for people who need a shidduch. This year the tzedokoh raised will be in the merit of the more than seven yesomim who are getting married in a few weeks. G-d willing, the joy of the couples who will be able to celebrate their weddings thanks to the tzedokoh raised on Lag Baomer will bring tremendous brochos to all who need shidduchim.

With her financial obligations of post-Shavuous weddings coming up. not only will she daven for you or your loved ones, but you are also helping in hachnosas kallah, a winning combination for sure.

To take part in this please email [email protected] or call 718.774.4578. Please include the name of the children and their mothers’ names and payment information by this Wednesday, May 22nd/17th of Iyar 8:00 pm.

In this zchus may we merit the ultimate marriage of Hashem to us yidden, with Moshiach NOW!

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