Kovetz Seeks Your “Answers”

By Anash.org staff

In recent months, a revolutionary project has been launched: To collect and publish all the answers from the Rebbe (מענות קודש) throughout the years.

Ma’anos” refers to (usually short) answers, typically handwritten, that the Rebbe sent to all types of people, as the constant, growing demand on the Rebbe’s busy schedule did not allow enough time for writing formal letters. The answers were sent by the Rebbe in response to a variety of different things, including questions, reports of activities, requests for a bracha, and much more.

Though the Rebbe’s sichos, ma’amorim, letters and even diaries documenting the Rebbe’s schedule have been printed countless times in many different formats, these “Ma’anos” have unfortunately been given little or almost no attention, and to a certain extent remain largely unknown.

Now, for the first time, the Ma’anos are being compiled and published in an organized fashion, in chronological order, bringing to light an entirely new perspective on many events, sichos and other aspects of the particular year, and on the Rebbe’s approach to many ideas in general.

In honor of this Yud Aleph Nissan, the organizers of this project published the book “Likut Ma’anos” from the year 5750, containing 405 “Ma’anos” (including many which were published for the first time), which was received with widespread excitement and interest by Shluchim, Anash and Temimim the world over (following the first Likkut, from the year 5749, published in honor of Yud Shevat).

Now, in connection with Gimmel Tammuz, the organizers will be publishing the next Kovetz in this series, which will include close to 700 Ma’anos from the year 5751 (Sept. 1990 – Sept. 1991).

The Ma’anos have been collected by going through tens of Seforim, and Teshuros, and then by reaching out to many Shluchim and Askonim from around the world who were zoche to receive answers from the Rebbe in those years.

They turn to all Anash and Shluchim around the world with a heartfelt request: if you have any “Ma’aneh” of the Rebbe from the year 5751, please send it in to the address below, so it can be included in the Kovetz, to the benefit of the wider public, who are thirsty for the Rebbe’s opinion on countless matters.

May we be reunited with the Rebbe immediately.

The final opportunity to send in any Ma’anos is this Tuesday, 29 Sivan, 6pm (EST).

To reach the editors of the kovetz email: [email protected]
Or by WhatsApp:+1 347-455-1013

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