Kostroma Shul in State of Disrepair

Save the “Kostroma” Shul!

Today we celebrate the liberation of the Frierdiker Rebbe.

After being released from prison in Leningrad, the Frierdiker Rebbe was exiled to Kostroma. The shul where he davened in that town is once again active through the efforts of the local shliach, Rabbi Nison Mendl and Ilana Shulamit Ruppo. We all know that the kedusha of a shul is eternal, especially one where a tzaddik and Nasi davened.

Yesterday, it was discovered that the 112-year old wooden beams supporting the shul are rotting way. $25,000 is needed to secure the its future.

A project has been launched to repair the shul. You can participate by clicking here.

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