Kosel HaMaaravi Reopens to the Public

After weeks of limiting attendance to just 10 people, the Kosel HaMaaravi reopened for davening on Tuesday, allowing up to 300 people to the Kosel plaza simultaneously.

by Anash.org reporter

The Kosel HaMaaravi reopened for davening on Tuesday, as many coronavirus regulations were lifted. Worshipers will need to have their temperature checked and their personal details recorded before entering and are asked to maintain two meters distance from others and wear masks.

The Kosel prayer plazas will be divided into as many prayer areas as possible in the given area and in accordance with the regulations.

For the next few days, up to 300 people will be allowed to come to the Kosel plaza simultaneously, contingent on them wearing masks. Should the davening areas all get full, mispallelim will be requested to wait outside the entrances to the Kosel with the required distances between them, until space becomes available.

The sites of Western Wall Tunnels remain closed until further notice.

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