Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim Head Staff Announced

As Shluchim around the world prepare for their arrival in New York for the annual Kinus Hashluchim, their sons are gearing up for a Kinus of their own. 

The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim, which takes place parallel to the adult program, is designed to inspire and entertain the young boys who live on Shlichus year-round.

The main program is for boys grades 3-8 and begins on Friday morning, 24 Cheshvan/November 22, and concludes on Sunday evening,  26 Cheshvan/November 24th. It’s 72 hours of fun, friends and inspiration.

There is an optional program on Thursday, 23 Cheshvan / November 21st for those Shluchim outside the tri-state are who arrive early, (sans sleeping accommodations).

Over the course of their Kinus, the young Shluchim will be in a warm and chassidishe environment, davening, learning and farbrenging together. They will visit the Rebbe’s Ohel, take their own group photo in front of 770, and enjoy spectacular trips all while spending invaluable time with their friends.

“We’re putting the finishing touches on what promises to be an incredible program,” said Rabbi Berel Bendet, who directs the program. “We, Boruch Hashem, have an amazing group of staff and we are excited about some new additions to the program this year.”

The head staff for Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim 5780 are:

Division 1 (3rd Grade): 

Head Counselors:

Mendel Banon from Montreal, Canada

Menachem Deren from Greenwich, CT

Levik Gourarie from Oak Park, MI

Director on site:

Chaim Shaul Shkedi from White Oak, Pennsylvania

Division 2 (4th & 5th Grade):

Head Counselors:

Shalom Cheruff from Chicago, IL

Yisroel Slonim from Binghamton, NY

Sholem Kalmenson from Brooklyn, NY

Director on site:

Menachem Mendel Osdoba from Belle Harbor, NY

Division 3 (6th & 7th Grade):

Head Counselors:

Avremi Baron from Columbia, MD

Boruch Ceitlin from Montreal, Canada

Mendy Plotkin from Markham, Ontario

Director on site:

Moishy Schapiro from Brooklyn, NY

Bar Mitzva Program (8th Grade)

Head Counselors:

Berel Sasonkin from Akron, OH

Shmuly Gniwisch from Montreal, Canada

Director on site:

Yisroel Weisberg from Toronto, Canada

Hebrew Division: 

Shmulik Halperin

Shneor Kaplan

Menachem Lessoff 

Menachem Rabinovitz

French Division: 

Levi Itshak Mergui

Azriel slonim

Assistant Director:

Mendel Goldman from Okalhoma City, Oklahoma

Logistics Director:

Berel Grossbaum from Twin Cities, MN

Food Director

Meir Heber from Brooklyn, NY

Similar to their fathers, the young Kinus will conclude with a Grand Banquet in Crown Heights bringing the entire weekend to a memorable point with singing, dancing a Roll Call, and beautiful videos and presentations. 

A dedicated team is working on the banquet, including Mendel Azimov, Avremi Baron, Mendel Bergstein, Levik Gourarie, Shayale Gourarie, Mendel Gordon, Shmuly Gniwisch, Mendy Plotkin, and Mendel Slonim.

Parents are requested to send pictures of their children here, in order that they can be included in a special roll call presentation.

A special program to prepare the Young Shluchim for going to the Ohel is being organized with the dedicated assistance of Levi Shemtov of West Bloomfield, MI.

Parents and Young Shluchim can look forward to a very special surprise to be released in the coming days, as well an exciting Hachana program already underway to prepare the children for their trip to the Rebbe.

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To contact the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim, email [email protected]

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