Kinus Torah Tackles Tough Issues

By Reporter

Northwest London’s Heichel Menachem continued its slew of exciting learning programs Tuesday with a Kinus Torah featuring guest speakers.

Rabbi Reuven Atlas, menahel of Beis Lubavitch Boys’ School, spoke about the importance of learning Torah and creating shiurim. Weaving together sources from all across the spectrum of Torah thought, he made commitment to strengthening Torah study after the Yom Tov of kabbolas haTorah tangible and practical to all. From the Ramchal to the Alter Rebbe, MahaRal and Rav Elya Lopian – the message was the same no matter who it came from.

Rabbi Tzvi Lieberman, rav of Edgeware Adas Yisroel, was introduced by his son, Rabbi Gedalia Lieberman. He delivered a fascinating shiur about an upcoming change of law in the UK. Whereas until now, one needed to opt-in to the organ donor registry, the opposite will soon become the law of the land in Great Britain. All citizens over the age of 18 will automatically become organ donors unless they opt out.

The halachic ramifications of this are worrying, to say the least. If G-d forbid someone who did not specifically opt-out of being an organ donor gets into an accident, he or she can have organs taken without any consent required.

According to Rabbi Lieberman, no Rabbinic body or individual rov in Great Britain has ruled on this yet. It seems a second shiur will be necessary to continue exploring this all-important topic. Knowing Heichel Menachem, it is certain that part two will be presented in the not-too-distant future.

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