Kinus Theme Addressed at Dinner: Thursday Gallery #4

By reporter

Hundreds of shluchim sat down to dinner Thursday evening, radiating enthusiasm and renewed energy. Far from ‘just another meal’, tonight’s dinner was an initiation into the heart of this year’s kinus- לשתף כאו”א בעבודת השליחות, the dedicated theme.

Based on two sichos the Rebbe gave over during the kinus of 5750, the theme focuses on a shliach’s ability to truly empower those he influences. A shliach must view each Jew as a potential partner in his shlichus, one who will take an active role in reaching Yidden and transforming the world into a dira bitachtonim.

The program featured talks by Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar of Bal Harbour, FL, Rabbi Chaim Heber of Be’er Sheva, Rabbi Yosef Wilhelm of Manhattan, New York and Rabbi Yaacov Saacks of Dix Hills, New York.

At intervals throughout the evening, the crowd was treated to musical interludes performed by Boruch Yuda Gancz.

Following the program, shluchim bused back to Crown Heights where the Rebbe’s room and home were once again opened.

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