Kinus Staff Discuss Security

As the Kinus Hashluchim gets closer, the preparations for the arrival of thousands of shluchim is in full swing. Merkos Suite 302, along with members of the Vaad Hakinus are spending hours every day planning the weekend, from the grand banquet down to the smallest details.

Of paramount importance by every event is the security. By the Kinus the need is even greater. Any gathering of rabbis is a target for those seeking to harm Jews. This is especially so when the conference is drawing thousands of rabbis from all corners of the globe, and is taking place in Brooklyn, where a spate of anti-Semitic have taken place over the past months.

Last week, representative of NYC law enforcement agencies along with members of Vaad Hakinus got together at the JCM conference room to make plans for the upcoming International Kinus Hashluchim which will bring more than 5000 people to Crown Heights and New Jersey.

The participants of the meeting expressed satisfaction in how the Kinus plans are proceeding and discussed how to work together to ensure the maximum security for all the guests.

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