Kinus Hashluchos 5780 Commences

Photos: Itzik Roytman

The Kinus Hashluchos 5780 began Wednesday evening with registration and visits to the Rebbe’s room.

By reporter

It’s that time of year again. The air is charged with excitement as a familiar sight is seen on the streets of Crown Heights: shluchos walking down the Avenue, greeting old friends with a warm hug and a gleam in their eyes.

On this, the first evening of the Kinus Hashluchos 5780, the agenda begins with registration, where shluchos check in and receive their badges and this year’s model of the “kinus bag,” packed with essentials like water bottles, granola bars and dvar malchus, and of course, something a little extra.

Outside the Rebbe’s room in 770,  shluchos prepared to daven, reflecting on the holiness of the spaces they are about to enter. There is a dinner for those who are here, but the fast paced program packed with speakers and workshops begins tomorrow morning. Tonight is all about coming home, seeing friends, being back in the Rebbe’s shchunah.

Crown Heights families have been busy preparing rooms and Shabbos meals for the hundreds of guests who will be graciously welcomed into their homes this weekend. Kingston stores have hung signs advertising discounts for the visitors, who will need to replenish the necessities they rely on but can’t procure in their makom hashlichus.

Welcome home shluchos!

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