Kingston Mesivta Welcomes New Staff

Entering its fourth year, the growing Mesivta in Kingston, PA, has expanded its staff with the addition of Rabbi Mendel Sassonkin who will serve as a maggid shiur and menahel.

At a time when many mosdos are uncertain of their reopening for the school year, the Lubavitch mesivta in Kingston, Pennsylvania, is expanding its program with the addition of a new maggid shiur and menahel, Rabbi Mendel Sassonkin.

Entering its fourth year, the yeshiva welcomes its steady growth. The Kingston mesivta has earned itself a name among Chabad mesivtos for excellence in learning coupled with personal development, attracting students from across the country who then move on to respected yeshivos.

The yeshiva is located three hours from New York, in Kingston PA, near the Pocono Mountains, with access to many parks and fields available for recreation. Kingston is also home to an anash community, many of whom join the mesivta and farbreng with the bochurim.

Hanhala members at Kingston Mesivta have spent many successful years in chinuch and are experienced in teaching and reaching the talmidim in their care. The goal is not about getting a bochur to conform, but to inspire independent long-term growth that will stay with him for a lifetime. Shluchim further provide the students with a chassidishe chayus and friendly support.

This year, the yeshiva will be enhanced by the arrival of Rabbi Mendel Sassonkin who brings with him years of experience in teaching and guiding bochurim. He is well in touch with the needs of students, giving the attention and chassidishe guidance they need to do their best.

 “A good bochur will often do well in yeshiva, but lack connection and belonging,” says Rabbi Shimon Hellinger, who heads the yeshiva. “We believe that a bochur’s success, especially in the long-term, depends on his connection with his teachers, friends and the learning.”

“There is a family-like warmth here that allows for meaningful bonding and lasting hashpa’ah,” says Rabbi Uri Perlman, the mesivta’s founder and administrator. “To illustrate: for weekly Shabbos meals the bochurim go to the homes of hanhala and other local families, which fosters a personal connection.”

This atmosphere spills over into the interactions between the students themselves.

“There’s real achdus and camaraderie between the bochurim,” Rabbi Hellinger says. “They gladly help each other out and are quick to share what they have. This sense of belonging helps them thrive in yeshiva and strengthen them for life.”

To apply to Kingston Mesivta, visit or email [email protected].

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