CKids Runs Sukkos Art Fest

Chabad Hebrew schools are full of different kinds of kids. Some are pros at singing; others have a perfect basketball shot. Some kids are more focused on learning Torah and some put their energy into doing good deeds. In a new Ckids club, Arba Minim pop art shows kids how we can all come together as one. 

“My daughter came home telling me all about her new plan to include others more,” said Abigail Berman, a parent from Maryland. “And she can’t stop practicing the new pop-art technique either.”

In an engaging two-hour program, kids pursue artistic talents while learning about Sukkot’s powerful message of unity at Chabad houses around the world. “Kids learn best through experience,” says Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, director of Ckids. Sukkot’s central theme is unity, and this program “brings that message to life through art.”

Pop-art techniques are taught by Rabbi Yitzchok Moully, well-known for his bold and bright Judaic-themed creations. At the end of the lesson, instead of kids taking the artwork home, the final product is the result of their collaborative effort: a breathtaking floor-to-ceiling mural. 

“The art is truly a masterpiece,” says Rabbi Meir Simon from South Metro Denver Metro. The Four Kinds mural will adorn his community sukkah throughout Sukkos. “The kids love to come in and look at it. They are so proud.” 

The Sukkot Art Fest is in 168 cities and is made possible by CKids International, an initiative that inspires children to make a meaningful impact in their communities through educational programs that explore the richness of Judaism.

“Our mission is to make Jewish learning accessible for kids,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. “In a very real way, this club lets kids experience that the Jewish nation isn’t complete without every single Jew.”

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