Keren Meir Winter Raffle Announces Winners

The winner of the “Keren Meir Winter Raffle” for two round trip tickets to Eretz Yisroel and a three-night stay at the David Citadel Hotel in Yerushalayim was announced.

Hundreds of individuals participated in the Keren Meir Winter Raffle to help support and partner with Keren Meir in their important work. 

Everyone who participated in this raffle received the incredible z’chus of taking part in Hafatzos Hamaayanos and, ultimately, the bringing of Moshiach.

The winner of the two round trip tickets to Eretz Yisroel and a weekend stay at the David Citadel Hotel in Yerushalayim is…

Congratulations to: The Sytner Family from New Jersey.

The winners of the $70 gift cards are…

  • Borsalino: Ash Family from Victoria, Australia.
  • CH Hosiery: Kramer Family from California.
  • Ebers: Estrin Family  from ‎Pennsylvania.
  • Everything But The Baby: Olidort Family from New York.
  • Judaica World: Katzman Family from Nebraska.
  • Kettle and Cord: Notik Family from New York.
  • Mendys: Margolin Family from Virginia.
  • Uber: Meadvin Family from ‎Pennsylvania.
  • Raskins Fish: Leider Family from New York.
  • Regency Cleaners: Majeski Family from New York.
  • Zakons: Levenbrown Family from New Jersey.

Rabbi Meir Roness was an original trailblazer when it came to fulfilling the Rebbe’s call to bring Moshiach by spreading Chassidus far and wide. Keren Meir is committed to continuing this legacy and continuing to bring Chassidus to whoever seeks to learn it; transforming thousands of lives. Your support helps to make this all possible.

Many thanks to all who participated in the raffle,
Rabbi Yisroel Botnick
Director – Keren Meir

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