Keller Family Update and Thanks

One year ago, the Keller family suffered a double tragedy when their daughter developed a brain tumor and the father suffered a stroke. Now, Nechama Dina Keller updates the community and thanks those who helped her family.

Last year, Chanah Keller was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Six months later, her father Rabbi Avrohom Keller suffered a severe stroke. Nechama Dina Keller turned to the Women’s Circle for help. They, and the broader Anash community, took care of their needs. 

Now she shares an update and thanks:

Dear reader,

This is a letter that I am thrilled to write. I am so grateful that we are arriving at a happy ending, Baruch Hashem.

Last summer readers like you generously answered the Women’s Circle’s call to help my family when we needed it most. I didn’t think I would manage with my daughter’s and husband’s illnesses, and my other children’s needs, but the Circle showed us that people do care. Thanks to so many of you, my children went to camp, I received the support I needed to run my home, and our family’s medical and general bills were covered. 

I can’t begin to describe the immense relief I felt knowing that even in bad times, we were being taken care of. Thank you for partnering with the Women’s Circle to bring us help and hope in such a dignified way. Today, with Hashem’s help, my daughter Chanah’s tumor is shrinking and my husband is back home. 

The Women’s Circle turned my house into a home. And I know that we’re not the only family the Circle has helped this year.

You may think of the Women’s Circle as a weekly class for mothers (and their babies). You may have seen their events or heard about their Shabbaton (and its waiting list). The Women’s Circle is all of those things. But maybe its most basic purpose is to strengthen the women and families of Crown Heights. I know how grateful I am to be a part of it.

On Rosh Chodesh Adar the Women’s Circle is kicking off their $50k annual campaign. Their budget is big, their impact is bigger. Please donate to the Crown Heights Women’s Circle. They literally saved my family and I know they continue to do the same for others in our community. 

Your support makes that happen.

In appreciation,

Nechama Dina Keller

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