Kashrus: Are You In The Know?

Everyone has questions on kashrus. Simply walking in to a food store can be overwhelming and confusing – given the choices available, the hundreds of hechsherim out there and the possible lack of clarity as to what one’s personal standard should be.

Rabbis and mashgichim in the Kashrus field are peppered with questions from individuals regarding the status of products, acceptability of various hechsherim for certain items and a myriad others.

Lectures and shiurim on this subject are important, but they take place infrequently and are not always timed for an individual’s schedule.

Enter Kashrus: Be In The Know – a mouthpiece to provide Torah-based information for Chassidim.

Taking off this Yud Tes Kislev, Kashrus experts Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka and Rabbi Nissan Zibell will be producing and delivering short audio clips on various Kashrus issues, via WhatsApp. Each weekly 5-10 minute recording will contain a factual, concise snippet of subject matter, how it relates to kashrus and what consumers can do about it.

The initiative will take kashrus education to the next level; to enable people to make informed decisions and appropriate food choices, to be machmir (or meikel) when necessary and to keep kosher at a standard befitting Chassidim. It will not take the place of asking a Rav a sh’aila; rather, lay the groundwork so consumers know what might actually pose a question.

Since being created, Kashrus: Be In The Know WhatApp groups have already filled to capacity and yet further ones have been generated.

Join today and transform your kashrus knowledge base. Distinguish between halacha vs. chumra, and make informed decisions about what to feed your mind, body and soul.

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Are all chalav yisroel products of ‘equal status’? Are there standards within chalav yisroel?

What are considered “simple/complex” products? Which hashgochos can I rely on for such products?

What are the processes that the five grains go through that make them not considered Pas Akum?

These are just a few of the many questions to be addressed.

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