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Challah Bake International

Last year, over 1,500 women from around the globe joined the Challah Bake International in a unique expression of unity, focused on realizing the dreams of thousands of children to find their ‘bashert’.

The feeling of undertaking the same mitzvah of Hafroshas Challah, in their own homes, in time zones stretching from New Zealand to Hawaii, from Canada to South Africa, and reciting the same heartfelt tefillos for their children of marriageable age, together with all the names in their group, brought an incredible demonstration of worldwide achdus and the power of global tefillah.

This year, Chamisha Asar B’av falls on Friday, August 16th/ 15th of Av, Erev Shabbos Nachamu and marks the 5th year of CBI! This auspicious time is ideal for women to join not only in the mitzvah of Hafroshas Challah, but also in giving tzedokah and davening for each other’s children of marriageable age – arousing Heavenly mercy for a significant, positive change in finding shidduchim for our children.

If you did not join in last year’s event, don’t hesitate! The goal is for over 2,000 women to join together this year! The way it works is that 100 baker- participants join each what’s app group, and the names of their submitted “singles” will be read by each woman on that group when challah is taken.

At the same time, each woman gives tzedokah and takes on an hachlota to try to motivate at least one other woman to light Shabbos candles. To join, you submit the name/names of your single children, being careful to ensure the correct spelling of each name, and, if your own children are married, you can submit the names of other singles for whom you will be davening and baking.

Last year all the names were read at the Ohel and will, IY”H, be read again this year.

In the spirit of Torah, tefillah and Tzdakah, we will be watching an uplifting video with a message from Estee Stern, Shlucha, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The three mitzvos specifically given to women are Challah, lighting Shabbos candles and Mikvah. To include all three mitzvos, each woman will be asked to try to influence one woman or girl who is not yet lighting Shabbos candles to start lighting Shabbos candles by this upcoming Rosh Hashanah and with regard to the third mitzvah, Mikvah, once again there will be an opportunity to contribute towards Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushkah through the Challah Bake. Not only is it a segulah for our singles to marry soon and fulfill the sacred mitzvah of Taharas Ha’Mishpacha – Family Purity, but is of great benefit to the Mikvah as well.

Rabbi Moshe Pinson, founder of Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka in Crown Heights, said that the participation from our group was amazing and so helpful. Soon after the Challah Bake event, he traveled with a group to Alma-Ata, a city in Kazakhstan, for the Rebbe’s father’s yartzeit and made sure to print out the entire list of CBI singles and put them on Rev Levik’s kever. To donate to Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka in the merit of Shidduchim, click here.

The testimonials and pictures from people who participated in last year’s event were truly heart-warming and inspirational, and came pouring in with love and appreciation, and a feeling of having been part of a holy experience. This is your chance to feel the same!


May all our efforts, tefilos and ma’asim tovim be counted and answered l’tova b’korov!

For more information on how to join the CHALLAH BAKE or if you would like to join the group of women going to the OHEL the day of the event please visit: or email: [email protected]

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