Join Ohr HaChassidus in their Hey Teves Celebration

Machon Ohr Hachassidus, famous for their Likras Shabbos weekly publication and popular seforim, launched a new website in honor of Hey Teves, with steep discounts on already cheap prices.

Tonight is Hey Teves,  the grand celebration of the Sefarim. The Rebbe instructed that the way that we celebrate the historic victory of Chabad Chassidus is by buying Sefarim and learning from them. 

In lieu of this directive, Ohr HaChassidus is proud to announce the launch of its brand new website, It is an online destination for the newest publications of Machon Ohr HaChassidus. Ohr HaChassidus is an organization that is dedicated to spreading Chassidus far and wide. All of their publications (both in print and digital) are meticulously compiled, beautifully designed and accessible to readers of various different educational backgrounds. Their books, weekly newsletters and daily publications reach tens of thousands of readers, worldwide, every single day.

Now, you have the opportunity to purchase some of these incredible publications to add to your library and to read and reread over and over again.

The books available for purchase on their website signify the beginning of a movement that has only begun. There are multiple projects currently in the works and many more being dreamed up for the future.

Today, in honor of Hey Teves, all customers can enjoy up 50% off any book on the entire site!

What’s more? Shipping is now free throughout the United States and Canada.

Visit to access amazing deals before the sale is over!

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