Pesach Shiurim Series in Crown Heights

Have you ever been flustered at the seder table, not really knowing the correct amounts of matzoh or maror to eat? Or did you ever wonder whether or not you may keep kitniyos in your possession over Yom Tov? What about preparing gebrokts when Acharon Shel Pesach falls out on Shabbos?

Join our Pesach series where Rabbi Avraham Lerner will address the many relevant questions and halachic guidelines, as well as insights into the reasons for the minhogim and mitzvos we do.

You’re guaranteed to have a more meaningful Seder and Yom Tov, enriched with a new perspective and appreciation of the Haggadah and the many different Pesach traditions we keep!

*Please note that the first two shiurim already took place (on the topics of gebrokts and kitniyos).

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