JLI Course: How Judaism Changed the Planet

A recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks compels us to examine our interactions with our fellow nations. What is our role in the world at large and what is our message?

Our grandparents and forebears have already influenced the world beyond recognition. It is hard to imagine a civilization where equal rights, charity for the less fortunate, education for all, even weekends off from work, were not valued. 

But, in ancient times, many of these were radical concepts. War, feudalism and blood sport were the norm. For much of human history, illiteracy was encouraged by leaders, morality was subjective and law systems were biased. The world is a very different place today.

The big shift for many of our most cherished valued comes down to one word: Judaism.

JLI’s new course, Judaism’s Gifts to the World, scheduled to begin this week in over 400 locations worldwide, will examine the key Jewish values and ideas that have become universal principles. It will explore the history that brought America’s founding fathers to understand the “self-evident truth” that all men are created equal, but more importantly, it will focus on what we can do today to inspire more progress and further the moral truths of the seven mitzvos for Bnei Noach.

The Rebbe teaches that when darkness descends, we must not only stand up to it, but fill the world with more light than ever before and make the darkness itself the catalyst for a better, improved world.

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