JLI Conference Goes Regional

For the first time, JLI is holding its annual conference as eleven smaller regional gatherings instead of one big conference in New York.

Eighty shluchim from the state of California gathered last Sunday at the stunning home of Chabad of North Hollywood for a conference. The shluchim spent the day sharing ideas for success in their adult education programming.  

The new JLI conference format – eleven regional conferences instead of one big gathering in New York, was well received by the participating shluchimRabbi Chaim Mentz of Bel Air, CA said, “It is easy to relax and listen, and with a smaller crowd there is a better chance of having questions answered.”

Shluchim from communities of different sizes shared best practices in marketing strategy and pedagogy and served on panels addressing key questions from the participants.  Presenters included: Rabbi Zalman Gordon of Redondo Beach, Rabbi Mordechai Kirschenbaum of West Hollywood, Rabbi Shmuel Fuss of Riverside, Rabbi Shmuel Kornfeld of Burbank, Rabbi Yitzi Magalnic of Rancho Palos Verdes and Rabbi Shimon Posner of Rancho Mirage.

Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, co-director of JLI’s curriculum development team presented “Eight Steps to Presenting a Powerful Shiur or Lecture”. Rabbi Zalman Abrahams, director of branding and strategic planning gave a talk titled “Your Marketing Success Checklist.”  Shluchim also received a giant dose of inspiration from keynotes Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, regional director of Chabad of California, Rabbi Mendel Lipskier and Rabbi Chaim Mentz, with Rabbi Yisrael Rice serving as MC.

The remaining conferences will take place over the course of the summer, with a total of nine occurring in the United States, one scheduled in England, and one in Eretz Yisroel.

The next conference is scheduled for the mid-Atlantic region on Monday 29 Iyar/June 9 at Chabad of Maryland’s Baltimore headquarters. For more info, visit MYJLI.com/conference.

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