Jews of Every Stripe Connected by the Fire of Chassidus

Merkaz Chomesh is holding their annual fundraising raffle to support the dozens of Chassidus Kollels that they maintain throughout the world.

In over 50 locations throughout Israel as well as other various international cities, The Merkaz Chomesh Kollel is a haven of warmth and acceptance where those who seek meaning and connection come to quench their thirst with the study of Chassidus. Jews from around the world coming from many different backgrounds converge together every single night to pour over ancient texts that are relevant as ever.

For many, this is their first exposure to Chassidus Chabad. Yet, for all, the experience is transformative. Rabbi Dovid Weiss, a Chossid from Bnei Brak and an avreich at the Merkaz Chomesh Kollel said: “My entire perspective on life has changed. You can say that I received new glasses with which to view the world. Suddenly, there are solutions to my doubts and questions in all areas of life such as education and outlook among other challenges.”

With Rabbi Fitche Ofen at its helm, the kollels are run and led by leading Rabbanim and Maggidei Shiur. These Rabbanim provide thought-provoking classes and are there for the Avreichim to answer any questions that they may come across in their learning.

In what has always been a Yissachar-Zevulun partnership, Klal Yisroel has always been made of those who dedicate their time to Torah study and those who dedicate their resources to ensure that the study can continue in a sustainable and respectable manner. Nowadays, this partnership is as relevant as ever as we are all working to spread Chassidus to bring us closer to the times of Moshiach

Merkaz Chomesh is sustained by generous donors around the world who value the importance of their mission and seek to support them in their efforts.

Now, you too can become one of those who merit to partake in this incredible, life-changing initiative.

Merkaz Chomesh is currently in the middle of its annual fundraising campaign, the Kollel Chassidus Raffle.

You can win 2 round trip tickets to Israel and a weekend stay in the Mamilla Hotel.

For only $36 a ticket – that’s quite the deal.

What’s more? For the next 48 hours only, your purchase of $50 or more doubles your chances of winning this incredible prize! (use code DOUBLE).

Visit to learn more and buy your tickets today!

Thank you for your support,

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Ofen

Merkaz Chomesh

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