Jewish Women Celebrated with Special Curriculum

The Nigri Online School celebrated Jewish women from Chava to Dona Gracia with a special curriculum and an online event for parents, bringing out the power and qualities of the heroines.

What do Tzipah and Racheyli have in common, despite living 2,886 miles apart? The Jewish Online School!

These two students (and 285) around the world, log into their classroom at the Nigri International Jewish Online School. The Jewish Online School offers daily, bi-weekly and weekly classes. 

Tzipah and Racheyli attend the Day School program, evening track. A highlight of this year was a special curriculum reserved for their Level 8 class – “Jewish Women through the Ages.” On their last day of school, parents and grandparents were welcomed to a special online event: “Jewish Online School celebrates Jewish Women!!” 

Going back in time from Chava in Eden, to the midwives in Mitzrayim, from Rashi’s daughters in France to Dona Gracia in Spain, the students went on a journey to discover what qualities made these women so powerful, and how they can emulate them.

Through beautiful creative arts pieces, the Level 8 students demonstrated what they learned from these Jewish women and how THEY can be a Jewish hero. As Chana Rosenthal from Pennysilvania  wrote in her Jewish women newspaper, “One big lesson that impacted me throughout this project is the lesson of leadership. I would like to make a difference in this world by being a leader. Whether it is something small like a group project or something big like raising money, I want to be a leader. Many different Jewish women have shown the lesson of leadership, including Miriam, Dona Gracia, my personal role model, Golda Meir, and so many more.”

Miriam Hunter from Washington made the Meorat Hamachpela out of lego and shared that Sarah was her personal hero since second grade. This year, she was able to learn more about her and what we can learn from her, including sticking to your principles.

Hadassah Perez from California created a series of hand drawn stop motion videos, and at the end of year ceremony, presented one about Queen Esther and the lesson of giving things up for the greater good. 

“It’s hard to describe the meaningful projects made by these creative students. Watch the videos and read the newsletter to get the full effect!” Mushkie Lipsker, the program director suggests.

“The point of the Creative Arts Project was to give the girls a chance to internalize what they’ve learned and make it their own.” Morah Avianna Dahan, the level 8 teacher, explained, “Bridging the gap between what they learned and their artistic expression allowed for the girls to learn in a unique way and express themselves. And through their creative forms they were really able to harness the different life lessons we learned from each of the Jewish women. I am so proud of their amazing projects.” 

“We are so proud of all our Jewish Online School students, from across the country and the globe, on completing another successful year of online learning!” Mrs. Mushka Minsky, the Jewish Online School principal said. “It is amazing to see the great academic achievements and the incredible friendships they create through the virtual classroom. Our dedicated teachers build close connections with their students and their families, lasting beyond the school year.” 

While students usually graduate to high school after JOS level 8, these students hope to stay. “I just wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing teacher. I feel like I really learned from you a lot and if I do this next year I hope to have you again!” Another student said, “JOS is Amazing! They were so kind and caring, they helped me move up to my correct level. I want to come back next year!!!!!!!!! :)))) I’m going to miss my Morahs and classmates!!”

The Jewish Online School, sister school to the Shluchim Online School, offers a Hebrew School, Day School/Yeshiva and Cheder education to Jewish children around the world.

Registration for the Nigri International Jewish Online School is now open. Register and learn more at or contact Leah at [email protected] / 718-713-3080.

Hadassah’s videos:

Queen Esther – Giving up for the Greater Good

Doña Gracia_Chana – Never Stop Climbing

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