Jewish Magazines Offer Free Downloads

The history of a medieval epidemic and the status of quinoa on Pesach? Read all about it in your free downloads from Kankan and Kosher Spirit.

KanKan Journal and OK’s Kosher Spirit are offering free downloads of their publications.

The KanKan Journal is a unique magazine with a focus on Jewish history. This free issue features The Maiden from Hainholz: A glimpse at the terror of a Medieval epidemic, a biography of the unusual R’ Simcha Doctor and the tale of a vagabond-turned-advisor making the hard choice between his two wives.

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Kosher Spirit delivers the latest news about kosher innovations, Chassidic insights and scholarly analyses of timely halachic issues. This issue offers a closer look at instant coffee, discusses how sustainable farming meets kosher eating and answers a question you may not have thought of: is quinoa kitnitos?

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