Israeli App Helps Navigate Cemeteries


A new Israeli application called Gravez helps you locate and see the kevarim of your relatives buried in Israel, from any cell phone.

To locate the grave, users only have to provide the application with basic data such as the first and last name (in Hebrew), year of death, cemetery or Hebrew name of the deceased’s father.

If the exact date is not known, the user can provide a time range in which he believes the death could have occurred. The same applies to the cemetery, as there is the possibility of giving an area of ​​Israel where it is located. These filters end up taking the user to the grave of their loved one.

At the same time, the application can show parking sites close to cemeteries and even provide the user with the appropriate prayers for visiting a grave.

For its creation, Corido, the company responsible for Gravez, used drones and image processing tools to map the more than 1.3 million graves of 28 cemeteries in Israel.

“We map all geographical elements, roads, lots, points of interest, everything that indicates a description of the cemetery,” Guy Liany told Reuters.

“This will change everything. People who have not been in graves for years and want to get (to the grave) are lost because they have added graves and roads everywhere” said Yehuda Hanfling.

The application has for the moment only the registration of cemeteries located in Israel since its launch last September, although its creators have proposed the purpose of having a global reach.

Gravez is free for mobile users who wish to use it in Israel or anywhere in the world, but it has a cost for cemeteries, which depends on their extension.

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